In Re Wind you manipulate the wind direction and navigate a hot air balloon through 4 different atmospheric levels. 

You also have to use the wind to solve puzzles in the game world.

 Due to the late participation and the late generation of ideas, I only had 4 days to develop the game, but I am satisfied with the result. 

So dive into a fast-paced adventure with ups and downs and explore the worlds of Re Wind!

Since I asked around some of the participants and found out that almost every participant interpreted the topic of the jam in the same way (i.e. with the manipulation of time) I wanted to interpret the topic more I hope you can understand my train of thought


Press Tab Key to pause the game.

Better Game Experience with full screen!


Hairdryer follows mouse Position

Press Space to activate Hairdyer

Mouse Wheel to rotate the Hairdryer

Have fun playing my game and leave a review ;D


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I really like the idea! Its fun to play and i think the controls are quite fun and uniqe. I would love a mobile version :)

Thabk you very much a mobile version will come!

Really awesome game but quite reminds me of [Fluffy Flight](

Really like the concept and design. I would've used mouse button instead for a space bar for the blower, but who knows, maybe it would've been worse. Great game overall, really like it 

Thank you very much for your feedback! I tried to use the mouse for the blow, but it felt really uncomfortable and unpleasant