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this game was made for the  Quarantine Jam. The theme was "pack". So you have to pack your suitcases for the holidays ^^.

This  game supports Controller and Keyboard Input!

Press Tab Key to pause!

I also joined very late I literally had 7 hours to make the whole game, but I´m very happy with the result.

The things, you have to avoid, have red frames and the things you have to collect have green Frames.

Collect = Sun Glasses, Sun Creme,  snorkel, Swim Short, T-Shirt, Cap!

Avoid = Bomb,  medication, Mask (only bad guys are wearing masks ^^)

Be careful: If  touch the walls a new Item will drop.

Have Fun and a Good Day ^^

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Really fun, I feel like some of the sprites don't really have the same style, some seem more detailed than others. Still an amazing game

hey man, thank you very much for this nice feedback ^^. Yeah you are right. The Tshirt Sprite is more detailed than the Bomb for example. But I didnt know how to get that Tshirt into the style of the game. An other reason is the short time cause I joined very late and didnt had enough time to draw better sprites. ^^


This game is pretty fun I enjoyed playing it, and the art looks really great

Thank you very much man ^^